At Branchout Furniture, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products that our customers will love. Our priority is customer satisfaction and we want you to feel happy with every purchase. That’s why we are happy to offer our customers a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. The 7-Day Money Back Guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In order to obtain a refund, customers must notify Branchout Furniture within 7-days of taking delivery of their product and request a refund under these terms and conditions.

  2. All refunds will be for the purchase amount, excluding the cost of delivery.

  3. The 7-day period will commence on the date that the customer receives delivery of their product.

  4. The product must be returned within 7 days of requesting a refund under these terms and conditions.​

  5. Returned products must be returned in the original packaging.​

  6. Customers must return the products for which they are seeking a refund at their own cost and must comply with the directions for returning the product that Branchout Furniture staff have provided to them. Where items were ordered under “Free Shipping” promotions, Branchout Furniture will cover the cost of the return delivery charge, subject to that charge being of equal or lower value to the current website delivery rates.​

  7. After receiving the returned products, Branchout Furniture will issue a refund of the product purchase amount as soon as is reasonably practicable and the customer will be provided with e-mail acknowledgement. Branchout Furniture accepts no responsibility for any delays that may occur in customers receiving the refund as a result of any third-party payment gateway.​

  8. Branchout Furniture reserves the right to make changes to these 7-Day Money Back Guarantee terms and conditions without notice.