BRANCHOUT FURNITURE provides this warranty (“Warranty”) for its products that have been purchased in Australia. This Warranty is subject to the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (“Australian Consumer Law”). The benefits provided in this Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law. This Warranty covers the replacement or repair of any product that has a manufacturing or material defect that is not the result of normal wear and tear, or a natural characteristic of the material used. This Warranty is not transferable and does not cover products used for commercial purposes.

Warranty period

The Warranty period commences from the date of purchase. The period of this Warranty is 1 year for all furniture and cow hide rugs.


Subject to the Australian Consumer Law, this Warranty does not apply to any products sold as seconds, repaired products, or products that have a defect where this has been drawn to the customer’s attention before the purchase of the product. In addition, this Warranty will not apply if:

  1. repairs to a product are made or attempted by a service provider other than one approved by BRANCHOUT FURNITURE; 

  2. the product has not been used or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as provided with the product;

  3. the customer uses the product in an abnormal manner for example if the product is abused, misused, dropped, crushed, impacted with any hard surface, exposed to extreme heat (including fire) or cold, not maintained properly or used after partial failure; or

  4. the product is tampered with in any way.


Exclusion of implied warranties

Subject to the above, to the full extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions and other terms express or implied by statute, custom or common law are excluded. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions excludes or restricts any consumer guarantee, warranty, condition, right or remedy implied by any statute (including the Australian Consumer Law) which cannot be excluded, provided that, to the extent that the statute permits, BRANCHOUT FURNITURE is entitled to limit its liability as set out above for a breach of a guarantee, condition or a warranty implied by that statute.


Consumer guarantees

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. To the extent that they are compatible with the consumer laws in Australia, the exclusions that apply to the BRANCHOUT FURNITURE Warranty apply to the consumer guarantees.

Consumer guarantee remedies

If there is a major failure with the product, the customer is entitled to:

  1. return the product to us and ask for a refund;

  2. return the product to us and ask for an identical replacement, or one similar in value if reasonably available; or

  3. keep the product and ask us for compensation for the drop in value of the product caused by the major failure.

If there is a minor failure with the product, the customer is entitled, at the election of BRANCHOUT FURNITURE to:

  1. a refund of the cost of the product;

  2. replacement of the product at not cost to you; or

  3. have the product repaired within a reasonable time at no cost to you.

Exceptions to guarantees

Consumer guarantees do not apply if you:

  1. received what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it;

  2. misused a product in any way that caused the problem; or

  3. knew of, or were made aware of, the faults before you bought the product.


For further information about the Australian Consumer Law and consumer guarantees, visit www.consumerlaw.gov.au


How to make a claim

To claim under this Warranty or a consumer guarantee, you must complete an online claim form available on request at contact@branchoutfuniture.com.


You will be requested to either return the product for inspection/repair, or we will arrange for the product to be inspected at your home. BRANCHOUT FURNITURE reserves the right to charge an upfront call out fee prior to inspection of the product, in which case such a fee will be refunded should BRANCHOUT FURNITURE determine you have a valid claim.


If you are requested to return the product to BRANCHOUT FURNITURE for inspection/repair, you will need to arrange and pay for the transportation of the product to the address advised by BRANCHOUT FURNITURE. If the product cannot be returned easily because of its size or height, BRANCHOUT FURNITURE will arrange and pay for the transportation of the product. If BRANCHOUT FURNITURE determines there is a valid claim, it will reimburse you for any reasonable transportation costs paid by you. If BRANCHOUT FURNITURE determines you do not have a valid claim, you must reimburse BRANCHOUT FURNITURE for any transportation costs that BRANCHOUT FURNITURE has paid and any return transportation costs.


BRANCHOUT FURNITURE will assess the product to determine the nature of the issue, whether you are entitled to a remedy, and in the case of a minor failure, the remedy that will be made available to you. Sometimes we may have to forward the product to the manufacturer or repair agent and liaise with them. Before a claim will be processed we require proof of purchase from you (the sales docket receipt or another acceptable form of proof of purchase).


We will do our best to resolve the issue in a timely manner. For any queries please email contact@branchoutfuniture.com.


This Warranty Policy was last updated on 30 March 2018.