The wood used in our products comes from residue of other industries, dead or dying trees, and well-managed forests certified by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).

IBAMA is the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment's administrative arm. Their job is to support and implements laws against deforestation and protect the forest from loggers, farming, agricultural farm grazing, and anything that would threaten the Brazilian forests. 

Each piece of wood comes with a document called DOF (Declaration Of Florestal Origem). This document is issued by IBAMA for wood harvested and transported sustainably by registered companies throughout the Brazilian territory. 

We believe that what remains of our high conservation forests must be protected and treasured. As such, BRANCHOUT FURNITURE opposes the logging of high conservation value forest for wood products and clearance for plantations, as this will have negative impacts on biodiversity and future generations.

Each piece of wood comes with the following certifications: IBAMA & DOF