Hardwood Furniture is highly durable. However, all lacquer finishes may be susceptible to water damage if the water is left on the table for long periods, especially if the water is very hot. We recommend the use of coasters or table mats if spillage is an inevitable issue. If the table is wiped off after each use, it can be safely used without any coverings. 

Solid wood reacts to the amount of humidity in your home. Long periods of low humidity will dry wood and cause splitting, cracking, and warping. Exposing your furniture to excessive dampness is also something that should be avoided. Controlling your indoor relative humidity year round between 40% – 45% will eliminate these problems. When arranging furniture in your home, be thoughtful to avoid heat vents and direct sunlight to prevent discoloration, drying, and cracking.

Cow Hides

Genuine cowhide is very easy to look after. For small marks caused by spillages etc, clean carefully without scrubbing the hide with warm water. Do not get the cowhide wet, only dampen. Use a soft, clean cloth to dab the affected area. Never dry-clean your cowhide. Do not use solvents to clean your cowhide, and do not place it in a washing machine or a tumble dryer.

Regular vigorous shaking of the product will help to maintain and restore the natural soft product appearance.

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